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Once again we come to the end of another year. This is often the time we collectively reminiscence on the happenings over the past 365 days; people and things we gained, lost, experiences we've had, things we wished we did differently, and things we are glad happened to us.


Toby and I, in launching this business, have undergone our own share of learning, setbacks, and to be completely honest, moments of "what-do-we-do-now and how-do-we-do this?" Launching your dreams is like setting sail - the winds and the waves will always test you. The rain will threaten to flood your vessel. And the clouds will often cover the stars you've used to guide your path.

We set sail to help people find healing and restorative health in regards to their spiritual and sexual identity. And in so doing we launched out into something we theoretically knew but would soon experientially KNOW! There is a difference! Our Puritanical societal beliefs about sex are (there is no easy way of saying this) killing us. I have often stated that a man with experience is never at the mercy of man with an argument. And we have, within the first 6 months of practice, enough experience to firmly and emphatically state that the work we are doing is sorely needed.

Most of our clients are all dealing with some level of religious guilt and shame in regards to sex. These are deep seated issues that can take a while to reconcile. Even we are not immune from this struggle. You can read more of my story here!

At a Christmas party last week, we were asked whether we felt like we are pioneers (the woman asking saw us as such). After some thought (because we have never thought of ourselves as "pioneers") we answered that, yes, we suppose in many respects we are. There are many other people I have spoken to who are in this field of "sex work" and in a sense we are all individually creating something unique and life-giving in the world.

Our lives MUST heal around sex if we are going to continue being healthy individuals and healthy communities.

The Work Ahead

As we prepare to complete the next year and half as Spiritual Eros, and having ironed out a lot of the wrinkles these past 6 months, we admit that there are and will always be new things for us to learn. We are all wounded healers after all. Our work is born out of our own struggle in reconciling our sex and spiritual divisions. We are only experts in as much as we are willing and able to reach back in healing and reach forward in visionary faith while standing on solid principles of love, acceptance, and the willingness to create an atmosphere of creativity and healing.

Some of the issues that we will be discussing in the coming year will no doubt be bold topics. For myself, there is the deep desire to discuss masturbation/self-love, healthy porn watching, anal sex, and other seemingly "taboo" topics. We won't be discussing them for the sake of mere shock value (although I believe our culture needs an honest and overt wake up call about the sexual practices so many of us engage in but never reveal). Our discussions will be in the interest of removing shame, guilt, and shedding light on issues some might have trauma around.

The more we learn, the more we'll share. The more we share, the more we'll learn!

2015 - Sunrise and bridge building!

As we embark into 2015 together, Toby and I want to offer our hand to all who find themselves in a wasteland of sexual dissatisfaction, crippled with religious hangups about their eroticism, or just desire more openness and honesty about who they are as sexospiritual beings. We invite you to come and explore the reaches of your pleasure and in turn find healing. This is what we call,  the healing power of pleasure! Let us help you build and/or repair the bridges between all the parts of your being.

For those who have joined our adventure throughout the past 6 months, we want to offer our sincerest and heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all the support and encouragement. Truly, knowing that there are so many people who also believe in our dream and our vision means a lot. We could not do this without all of you!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Let's continue to heal together in 2015!