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Where Sex Meets Spirit!


Where Sex Meets Spirit!

Welcome Home to Your Body!


It is said that we are spirits having a human experience, but nothing could be more integral, more visceral, or more paramount to this experience than our sexuality. Nothing could be more informative in our desire to commune closer with Spirit.

We enter the world knowing pleasure, feeling sensations, and open to all the ecstasies being in a body affords. We want to touch, we want to feel (ourselves and others), we desperately yearn to explore what being in a body is all about, and we want to truly connect.

This is before fear, when only love and wonder were our guiding principles. This was before shame, when only inquiry and exploration were our mandates - our mission. This was before guilt, when only pleasure was our goal. We wanted to feel good.

But then we forgot, we were taught to forget. We were conditioned and programmed out of our bodies and the way we feel and into the prisons of our minds and how we think. Our thinking trumped our feelings.

In the beginning it is said that Spirit created humankind fully embodied, true to self, and full of all sensate capacity. And it was good. Our culture has demoted feeling in the interest of mental exaltation and called it better.

But are we...better?

Are we more full? Are we more, embodied? Are we more, alive?

As our minds have evolved, our sensate bodies have diminished from the fullness of light and vitality to the depths of darkness and spiritual disembodiment - truly from heaven to hell. We are cut off - from the divine, from each other, from ourselves.

In many traditions, sex and sexuality are the vehicles through which a closer relationship with the divine is achieved. However, within our culture, sex and spirit, much like religion and science, have often been purposefully and diametrically pitted against each other. War ensues, and we, those who truly need healing from our sexual traumas, guilts, shames, and self-debasing conditionings, are kept from truly merging our sexuality and spirituality into a wholesome, life-giving, and embodied existence.

This condition of disembodiment goes beyond any one religion, creed, or way of life. Many of us, perhaps most, suffer from this affliction. We are taught not to feel, not to fully breathe, not to touch and enjoy physical contact, and in the interest of not being unseemly - to be silent. We condition our bodies to live with tension - ignoring pain, regular body signals, and lock our bodies in patterns that create stress, discomfort, and other medical ailments.

Instead of adopting more (w)holistic ways of living we often default to pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceuticals are far easier to take than changing debilitating habits, right? But at what cost? How many of the ailments we medicate can be alleviated merely by spending time creating healthy habits of embodiment?

But how, you ask, does one cultivate a lifestyle based on genuine embodiment, a spiritually sexy existence, if one is never taught how?


Sexological Bodywork

What is it?


Sexological Bodywork

What is it?

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.
— Chinese Proverb

Sex and intimacy Coaching

For many of us, the extent of our sexual education came during grade school. This education often waxed extremely clinical - how things worked, where parts were located, what happens to the body at a certain age, and so on. For many of us, sex education consisted of less than that. And for still others, this education was never given. So by the time we entered into a world already steeped in sex shame all the while inundated with no lack of products which use sex appeal to garner customers, our understanding of how to be wholesome sexual beings is often lacking. For many of us, our understanding of sex was also coupled with religious sin, shame, guilt, and fear. If we were sexually abused, our sex was in conjunction with violence, betrayal, and secrecy.

Sexological Bodywork is the means by which we educate you about the healing potential of your erotic energy. It is a form of Somatic Education - education relating specifically to the body. Most people only use erotic energy as a means of sexual pleasure towards an orgasmic end. We do not negate the importance and pleasure of this, we merely seek to help augment your embodied experience through teaching how to arrive at ecstatic states of consciousness through various modalities and self-explorative practices.

In order to learn about embodiment practices it's important to understand that your learning can not occur outside of the body you inhabit. This is not solely a mental exercise. Your body is the classroom. Self-exploration is your tool. We are merely educators, coaches, and guides on your journey of somatic education and exploration.

We invite ALL of you into this work. This is about integration. You are as much a sexual being as you are a physical one, a spiritual one, an energetic one. There are no divisions in this work. This is about re-membering who you truly are and putting all those pieces back together again.

Because somatic education requires work with the body, there are various issues that warrant this type of bodywork:

  1. Body shame and guilt
  2. Religious shame and guilt
  3. Sexual trauma/sexual abuse
  4. Gender and/or sexual orientation acceptance
  5. Premature ejaculation
  6. Erectile difficulty
  7. Inability to orgasm
  8. Learning to give and receive pleasure/boundary setting
  9. Couples desiring a more enriched sex life
  10. Increasing your capacity to receive pleasure
  11. Scar tissue remediation

This is a short list of potential areas of exploration. This is not by far an exhaustive list as every person and every couple that enter into session are wonderfully unique.

There are also various modalities that we use to help facilitate somatic education:

  1. Breathwork
  2. Erotic Massage
  3. Pleasure Mapping
  4. Taoist Erotic Massage
  5. Masturbation Coaching

This work provides you with the tools and the dialogue to examine blocks that you might have around your sexuality, eroticism, and/or pleasure boundaries. Ultimately, as stated earlier, this work is about your full embodied integration - mental, spiritual, sexual, and emotional.