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Garland has helped me take my masturbation to a new level. I worked with him through Skype and one on one. Both were valuable experiences. I’ve gone from shame and guilt about my masturbation and sexuality to self-acceptance and greater happiness. My reliance on porn has decreased, and I am now building a daily practice that has me more in touch with my body. I look forward to working with him in the future to further enhance my practice, which I believe will lead to better health.
— Bill, Minneapolis
With Garland I learned that I am still able to fully connect with a man/mate/boyfriend. My body and brain and energy still work. Thank you for showing me that I can be fully awake again.

Awesome energy experience. Awesomely beautiful sensual experience.
— Daniel, Seattle
First and foremost, I decided to work with Garland because I trust him, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else I’d feel more comfortable having on this journey. After Garland and I talked about his work as a Sexological Bodywork Practioner/Teacher I immediately felt he could help me in my personal development. One of my goals in working with Garland is to become more in tuned with my body. I was very nervous about what my sessions might look like, but after learning that they would be self-directed, my anxieties disappeared. From the very start, Garland has had an enormous impact in helping me create a shift within my mind, heart, body, and soul. He has helped guide me along the path of defining healthy sexuality and merging it with my spirituality. What has also been powerful and amazing is feeling how well my work with Garland has enhanced the work I’m doing with my Psychotherapist. In many ways, I believe the two were designed to work together.
— J. Kraig, Tacoma
Toby is a gifted healer who embodies deep compassion and empathy. Through our experiences together I’ve been able to release staying stuck in my mind when being sexually intimate and therefore experience greater joy, satisfaction, fun, and passion. His openness and confidentiality were very important to me and allowed me to trust his guidance. Also, Toby’s gentle approach releases any anxiety or stress during experiences. It’s been a pleasure!
— D. Ghent, Seattle
Garland provided warm and compassionate support for me to access and release emotions from a surgical vaginal trauma, easily letting me guide him regarding where and how to touch me and then holding space safely and well as I processed the emotions. I felt lighter and joyful after the session.
— Jade, San Francisco
Life is full of restraints within our relationships, our bodies, minds, souls, and spirits brought about by lack of knowledge, learned behaviors, and/or the events that shape us. However, there is a place of fuller freedom to be found in these areas. Toby and Garland have developed their skills and use their training and knowledge to help un-tighten these restraints. They have honed their God-given energy to nurture and heal damaged areas within and stimulate growth in areas where there is room to grow.

Toby and Garland work together in tandem, combining their talents in harmony with an intention of growth and healing. This energy touches the deepest places and reaches not just the outer body but also the inner person.

After allowing Toby and Garland to guide my energy and to assist me in letting go of the un-needed blockage I was experiencing, I found a higher level of freedom and peace in body, soul, spirit, and mind.

Trusting them to help me grow was a very good decision.
— Ian, Seattle