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INSPIRE | Communicating Your Desires (February 2018)

In this video, Garland shares and explores some simple, yet effective tools that can help you communicate your desires easier to your partner(s) and loved ones.

INSPIRE | Everything is an Experiment (July 2017)

In this video, Garland discusses how approaching life as a series of experiments can help us transcend destructive and constrictive judgments of ourselves and others and open up opportunities for mindful inquiry, growth, and freedom.

INSPIRE | Introduction (Jan 2017)

In this introduction, Garland gives history of how he came to this work and why he finds it so important. He expresses the basic ideas of what the INSPIRE brand will be all about!

INSPIRE | Shame Pt. 1 (Feb. 2017)

In this first, of a two part series on shame, Garland talks about what shame is (as a resistance to further consciousness), how it affects the body and mind (through a walkthrough of the 7 Chakras), and how it also can show up in community.

INSPIRE | Shame Pt. 2 (March 2017)

In this, the second part on Shame, Garland expounds more on shame's implosive and explosive effects on the body and mind, how guilt and shame work together, four avenues that shame exhibits itself the most, and finally gives tools on how to combat your personal shame messages.

INSPIRE | The Healing Power of Pleasure (June 2017)

In this video, Garland unpacks "The Healing Power of Pleasure" concept introduced in his Shame videos. He illustrates and invites the viewer to use the five major senses - Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound, and Smell to help guide the body, mind, and spirit into a deeper sense of pleasure and openness.