Spiritual Eros Sex & Intimacy Coaching! — Spiritual Eros - Sex and Intimacy Coaching

We are glad and overjoyed you made it this far into the site! To truly know oneself takes no small amount of courage, resolve, and vision. So we are hopeful that you recognize the benefits of Sex and Intimacy Coaching.

There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about our coaching:

  1. This work is self-directed. This means that you, the client, get to choose what you want to explore, how you want to explore it, and how far you want to explore (of course within the parameters of Sexological Bodywork practice and ethics).
  2. We are merely educators, coaches, and teachers. Although conversation about sexual history, trauma, and other personal subject matter might be discussed (this is expected), we are not therapists. We encourage you, if mental health is required, to seek out trained and qualified mental health professionals. This work, however, has the potential to augment your mental healthcare.
  3. All touch is one way. This means that touch will be from us, the practitioners, to you, the client. Not from you to us. This is not only to respect professional boundaries, but also to provide you an opportunity to learn about receiving physical touch void of obligatory reciprocation.
  4. Some of the work we are inviting you to do will happen before a session, much will happen during, and some will occur afterward. Because we are engaging and welcoming your entire being into these practices, we invite you to take inventory of your own erotic landscape before entering into session. In many cases (and per request) we can send an intake form to you before your first appointment. Keep in mind that depending on the level of work we do within a given session, shifts may occur long after you have left the appointment. We encourage you to be gentle with yourself and provide for yourself the utmost level of self-care.


At the beginning of each session there will be time set aside to create a container for our work together. This will usually entail some grounding breaths, discussions about questions and/or concerns, intention setting, and determining how your body would like to engage in your erotic coaching session. These aspects are especially important upon our first meeting with you. We honor rapport and trust.


We can not stress this enough! This is your body, so it's important for you to know that we will go at your speed and engage you on your time frame. We will never pressure you to disrobe and jump on the massage table if you are not ready. This work is about consent and respect - respect for the spirit of our work and respect for your body.


Often times clients will express a certain level of confusion in the direction of their education. We will use our intuition based upon your intake, expressed concerns, discussions, and previous sessions to suggest a path forward. At any time, it is your right to say "no." Because the context of these sessions are educational, teaching you how and when to say "yes" and "no" is a cornerstone to that learning - boundary setting. As we like to say in this work, "Endure nothing." If you're enduring, then you most likely are not receiving pleasure. And not receiving pleasure is often a hairbreadth from "checking out" and not being present in the experience you are having.

Genital Touch

Because a part of Sexological Bodywork may include genital touch and education, special care is taken to protect and create ease during these particular sessions. In doing so, gloves will be worn by the practitioner during any and all internal touch/massage. And always remember, this is your body. Your comfort level is highly important to us! So speak up if anything doesn't feel right.

During session we will continue to remind you of the 5 pillars - breath, movement, sound, touch, and intention.

During coaching sessions, clients sometimes struggle with staying present. This is common. It takes practice to re-integrate and break old habits. Be patient with yourself during this process. The fact that you are even engaging in this experience speaks volumes! We will always help lead you back to your body. Communication is also key. We will continue to engage you on how various aspects of the session are going and if there is anything you would like less or more of. Again, this is a process. The more you do it, the easier it will become to know what your body wants.

Savoring and Integrating

At the end of every erotic embodiment session, there will be a time for savoring. Savoring is a time of rest we set aside after each hands-on session to provide your body an opportunity to reflect, integrate, and process the data of the session. Think of it as the "afterglow." After a session, the client can be very open to the spiritual plane. Savoring often allows time for important information to come through in the form of thoughts, images, and/or answers to a particular need or question. Of course, each experience varies from client to client. 

Most importantly, have fun and always remember that ALL of you is welcomed!