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Garland D. Jarmon, MSW, CSB
Sex & Intimacy Coach

"Who told you that you were naked?"
- Gen. 3:11a

My work in Somatic Education and Sexological Bodywork is borne out of my own spirituality - having come from a fairly Conservative Christian (Pentecostal) background. I came out in 2000 and for the next decade wrestled with what it meant to be Christian, black, and gay. That decade of wrestling taught me a lot about who I was, what I truly desired, and what I could offer the world, and in 2011, I attended my first Body Electric workshop. It was during that weekend I realized a significant truth, that Spirituality and Sexuality were not mutually exclusive!

Needless to say, from this solitary experience, my spiritual appetite for a more embodied existence had been whet!

For the past 5 years I have been on the front lines of the fight against HIV/AIDS - individual and couples sexual health counseling, STI testing, and HIV/AIDS Social Work Case Management. In 2012 I became a student of Tantra and in 2014 became a Reiki 1 Practitioner. However, it wasn't until I graduated with my Masters in Social Work in 2013 that I realized that my passions could not be fully realized within the typical Social Work medium. I longed to do work that helped people heal the rift between their spiritual and sexual identities that didn't center solely around talk therapy and/or addiction. I knew and had experienced the valuable healing that could be derived by the somatic work I had already experienced and I felt that it was this type of work that was sorely needed not only in my spiritual communities, but also in my racial community, and my sexual community.

I am a firm believer that as we continue our march towards equality for all, we, as somatic educators, have an unique opportunity to teach others how to truly be one with their bodies (embodied) and one with each other (synergy); to truly embrace the equality, liberation, and freedoms so many have fought and died for. This "how to be" is what has brought me to this work.

This has become part of my spiritual work and my spiritual practice.

You can read more about my personal journey here!

Toby de Luca, MiT, CSB
Sex & intimacy Coach

There is no substitute for Human touch!

I am a Healer. I have known this my entire life, but it has been a long, hard journey to truly accept it.

As a small town, closeted, gay boy, I grew up in constant fear in a conservative, Italian, Catholic family. I struggled in silence with my sexuality and how to reconcile it with my religious upbringing. In the midst of this existential crisis, I pursued Massage Therapy to honor and use my healing gift, but soon after I was licensed and board certified, I stopped altogether in fear that people would think I was gay. 

From deep in the closet I decided to get my Master in Teaching. It is through my experiences as a teacher in the classroom that I began to realize how unembodied and in my head I had become due to constant stress, thus feeling cut off from truly being able to engage my students as they deserved. Humbly, I had to take a profound inventory of what my life's path truly was to be.  

My decision to become a Sexological Bodyworker has been a direct result of this deep soul searching. 

I have found that this work gets us back to the source of who we are as spiritual beings having a human experience. Our bodies are wise, and do not lie. They are living records of our experiences, memories, and traumas. These traumas can be released through intentional bodywork. Through studying Tantra for the better part of a year and personally experiencing divine energy, I have witnessed trauma in my own body heal and transform.

As a member of the LGBTQI community, my passion lies in healing ourselves from sexual shame, sexual trauma, religious abuse, and mistaken beliefs about ourselves because of how we were/are treated due to our particular divinity that is our sexuality. I seek to assist in the healing of re-marrying our sexuality and spirituality that were divorced by our societies, systems, religions, and biological families.

It is time to heal from the inside out!

I invite you to join me in a more fully embodied experience!